Friday, April 8, 2011

Low-Ceiling Crib Canopy

My son's nursery had a few challenges. Like many older homes, we had to work around low angled ceilings and odd room cutouts. I was set on having some sort of canopy and came up with this DIY canopy alternative. First, I purchased a wall bracket from Anthropologie for I believe is was $22. These decorative wall brackets are traditionally used to create a wall shelf. I wanted one that had a bit of a "lip" on the top to help secure my fabric.

Next, I purchased 4 yards of chiffon fabric from Jo-Ann's and hemmed the unfinished edges by folding the fabric 1/4" in, pressing with a hot iron and then folding 1/2" in pressing then pinning in place and later sewing with coordinating thread. Here's the end result!