Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eclectic Mobile

I originally had the idea of creating a crib mobile by hanging antique skeleton keys from a ring of twigs. I loved the idea but later of course realized prob not the best idea to hang over a crib just in case one fell (terrible choking hazard), so I moved the idea over to above the changing table. I had trouble finding old keys online that weren't overpriced like crazy for some collector. So I ended up purchasing a collection of very small skeleton keys (1/4"- 3") and of different finishes for around $10 on ebay. I returned my large twig ring and got a sphere of twigs from Michael's deciding to hang the keys along with some collected buttons inside at different heights using clear jewelry string (could also use fishing wire, but I didn't have any on hand). This created the "buried treasure" for my Peter Pan inspired nursery. Twine was then braided and used to hang the sphere from a mere screw drilled into the ceiling. Hope this sparks some creativity to think outside the box for nursery mobiles. This whole idea actually steamed from a mobile I saw online created from lots and lots of hanging vintage scissors!

Fun Zodiac Wall Art

This piece was the missing puzzle to complete before the nursery was officially done! After I passed the last day of the prior Zodiac sign, I created this piece with the reasonably predictable Zodiac sign of my to-be-born son. I finished the project in an hour or two. I printed the Aries symbol off the internet onto card stock. I then cut out fun words associated with kids, a future little boy or names of those close to us from the local newspaper. Using a glue stick, I just wrapped those fun words/phrases around the cut out Aries symbol in a random order. I took a piece of leftover wallpaper from my closet project and used it as the background. I glued the entire Zodiac symbol to the wallpaper to hold it in place and threw it into a picture frame that housed one of our engagement photos from our wedding reception. Wah-la! The missing piece to my wall collage. My son must have known mommy completed his room as I went into labor the next night (2 weeks early!)

I think this could also be a really fun project to do with kids. They would have a blast finding words or even pictures that express them!....Favorite color, pet names, or sports they're in to!