Friday, March 28, 2014

Gold & Silver New Year's Eve Party

Happy 2014! Yes, I know it's March, but it's never too late to post pictures of a fabulous New Year's Eve party, right?

To ring in 2014, I threw a Gold & Silver themed party. I kept it simple, pulled the details together over one weekend and only invited one family to join us. The party combined party store staples with elegant, one-of-a kind touches. When you have kids, its important to make the holidays special for all involved. We still wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve with our son, but also wanted to have a good time as an adult. We combined both goals in one night and had a great time. This evening was filled with special touches for the kids like being able to color their table top to enjoying a special new drink for dessert. Once bedtime came for the children, we were still able to enjoy an adult evening of Cards Against Humanities (hilarious), signature cocktail drinks and a champagne toast at midnight. The family we invited lived a couple doors down, so better yet no worrying about them having to drive home either. Pretty much a win, win for all involved and perhaps a new annual tradition!

Gold fringe across the walkways was just a party store find. Balloons dangled from the ceiling with a few loose on the floor to serve as entertainment for the kiddos.

The Gold runner was a cheap Marshall's find. The votive candles were plain, so I glued glitter ribbon around them for added flair. The tiaras and horns were a party store find. Silver candle stick holders were a lucky find from a thrift store months prior. 

Here's a close up of the centerpiece I whipped up the evening of. It contained gold Christmas decorations I found on clearance at Michael's.

Bows tied from Glitter Ribbon. (I hit Michaels after Christmas...and they had major sales on "Christmas" ribbon!) Men got the top hats from the party store, girls the tiaras.

Kid's Table. I just taped postal paper to cover the top. Voila, coloring surface!

Closer view of the ceiling. It was literally balloons on string taped to the ceiling. They hung at different heights for added dimension. The white balloon string just blended into the ceiling.

Each adult received a champagne glass for the midnight toast. The rims were just dipped in water then gold sprinkles. For the kiddos special dessert drink, I dipped the rim of the shorter glasses in Nutella and then the same gold sprinkles. Filled them to the rim with milk. Needless-to-say they downed them and were asking for seconds!

The spread.